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We ensure tax conformity of e-invoices in over 60 countries worldwide

The major challenge is not just to become “tax compliant”, but above all, to remain so

Do you know the tax compliance regulations regarding the contents of an invoice in Mexico? Or how electronic invoice receipt works in Italy? You don’t? We provide the most up-to-date information so that your invoices continue to comply with tax regulations.

The major challenge for companies active on the international stage is not just to become “tax compliant”, but above all, to remain so On average, a new country may announce new obligations for electronic invoice exchange between suppliers and customers or for invoice data to tax authorities every two months.

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Tax Compliant:

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Worldwide VAT deficit of half-a-billion Euro

An additional reason is also that the worldwide VAT deficit is approximately half-a-billion euros. The financial authorities are engaged in considerable efforts and developments in closing this gap:

  1. A clear trend to clearance systems (real-time controls) such as in South America or Italy with the requirement that there is integration into separate technical platforms

  2. More stringent requirements in tax reporting including parallel integration to reporting platforms such as in Hungary or Spain

  3. Different developments and requirements in every country with associated increasing complexity

  4. Serious penalties if financial regulations are not followed

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Tax compliance for e-invoicing for around 60 countries worldwide

We monitor the tax regulations for e-invoices worldwide together with our partner Trustweaver, with the result that we are the only German provider certified as per IDW PS 951 and are therefore GoBD-compliant. This ensures tax compliance for e-invoicing for around 60 countries worldwide. With crossinx, you’re always on the “safe side”.

Our data storage is only carried out with data centres in Germany and Sweden. It is important for us that these partners are certified as per ISO 9.001 and ISO 27.001. Trustweaver is an EU-certified Trust Service Provider annually audited as per PwC 3402/II.

Our technical and legal expertise means we can support you and your processes, ensuring that they are in line with rapidly changing regulations in both B2B and B2C processing.

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