Tailored solutions for the digitalisation of your business

Individual solutions - tailored to the needs of your company

Tailored solutions for the digitalisation of your business

Your company differs from the norm?

Do you have specific requirements and need bespoke solutions for digitalisation of your company? crossinx has been supporting companies in the introduction of e-invoicing solutions and the digitalisation of financial and ordering processes for over 10 years.

Our specialists have great experience and know all the pitfalls. Together, we can develop tailored solutions for your business.

What is the course of an e-invoicing project:


Who is in the team? – Generally, we will talk to your accounting, purchasing and IT departments. We make a member of staff available from our side who supports you throughout the project and is always your point of contact. 

Design Phase

We listen to you. Our specialists analyse your requirements in a workshop such as those for electronic invoice receipt or dispatch. We discuss matters with your IT and accounting staff such as various invoice formats or how your invoice data can be enriched or validated. Generally, such a workshop does not last longer than one day.

Offer phase 

We then prepare a quote with a price and the project time required for your tailored solution in line with your wishes and requirements. You will not wait longer than a week here. You can decide now.

Development phase

We start immediately on development and implementation. The various steps and processes are regularly coordinated with you. The development phases last between one and six months depending on expense.

Test phase

Initial solutions have already been installed and set up. We check everything thoroughly before you use it.  

Implementation and connection phase

Your new system is ready to use and we connect your customers and suppliers to it.

Operation phase 

Your business is ready for the future. It operates professional electronic invoice exchange or processes your order and purchasing processes electronically. There is no need to worry about changes in tax law. Our solutions mean that you are always up to date.

We customize your e-invoicing solution to meet the needs of your business.

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