Cross-sector data exchange with other service providers

The use of service providers for receipt and dispatch of electronic invoices is rising rapidly.

This isn’t surprising as the benefits for companies are obvious. However, what does happen if customers or suppliers use other service providers? This is why the notion of roaming was established. As is the case with mobile phones, users can exchange information between service providers without being aware of it.

How does the exchange of electronic invoices via other service providers work?

Roaming should ensure that companies do not have to set up several interfaces to the various different providers. In such a scenario, invoice data is sent by the sender to their service provider, who then sends it to the recipient’s service provider, who then prepares the data for the invoice recipient. This means a company can work together with a single service provider, even if individual customers and suppliers use separate service providers.

crossinx is one of the pioneers of roaming worldwide and is a joint founder of “EESPA” (European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association) and VeR (Verband elektronische Rechnung e.V.). As a result, there are already more than 100 connections to other providers worldwide available. Both associations have developed corresponding standards so that connections can be set up with other service providers as quickly and simply as possible.

crossinx is, among other things, an active participant in the new EIN (EESPA Interoperability Network) standard. The new standard is based on the same technical parameters as PEPPOL and will make roaming to other service providers much easier in the future.

With the VeR roaming seal introduced at the end of 2014, the Verband elektronische Rechnung (VeR) provided an instantly recognisable, understandable feature linked to stringent technical requirements for proven interoperability between two and more e-invoicing providers. crossinx has had this seal since the very beginning.

Companies awarded the seal have at least one proven roaming connection via the tested VeR roaming standard and therefore enable seamless electronic invoice exchange beyond existing system borders.


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