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Over 350,000 companies already exchange their documents via "crossnet"

crossnet - the network for e-invoices, e-orders and e-financing

With “crossnet”, crossinx operates the leading network for e-invoices, e-orders and e-financing. Over 350,000 companies already exchange their documents through it.

Your customers and suppliers are already here. The main benefit for you is that just a single technical connection to our network enables you to communicate with all other participants.

The fast exchange of invoice data via the global system of crossinx

IT can remain as it is.

Practically every form of technology on this plant that states it reduces costs is based on considerable initial investments and changes to IT infrastructure. This is not the case with e-solutions from crossinx.

Even though your documents are no longer on paper with us but are merely within your IT infrastructure, there is no need to restock, modify or buy anew.

There’s no need to even install additional software, as you can communicate with all your business partners via a single interface to crossinx. It also doesn’t matter what accounting systems you use – we are compatible with all of them.

Not much changes for your employees – just fewer work steps and paths are shorter. Also, your IT infrastructure remains unchanged.

A safety belt for your data.

Is it odd to think that sensitive data, above all else, should be organised via an external company? Don’t worry, as data protection and the security of your data are important to crossinx!

  • We process data only in German, ISO-certified data centres and follow German data protection legislation.

  • Volks- und Raiffeisenbank and Sparkasse have audited crossinx solutions and offer these to their customers.

  • crossinx has been tested and is tax compliant in over 60 countries. This is demonstrated by our IDW PS 951 certification, showing that data is handled in a GoBD-compliant manner.

No reprocessing, no incorrect entries, no fuss

What doesn’t have to be manually transferred into a system cannot get figures mixed up, be incorrectly entered or simply incorrect. This does not just save the sender and the recipient time and annoying correction of errors, but also potential issues.

If crossinx, for example, receives an invoice on your behalf, we validate the data and ensure that all necessary contents are included as per tax regulation criteria such as §14 UStG, but also, for example, order numbers.

This also means we ensure that you don’t receive any fraudulent invoices. All business partners must already be registered via the network.

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