Connecting your business partners to your e-invoicing

Either automated from your e-invoicing portal or individually with the service from crossinx

Inform your business partners and connect these to your systems.

Even the best technical solutions are of no use if your business partners do not want to send you electronic documents or receive these from you. The number of partners that take part, and indeed how quickly they do so, is also of paramount importance for your business case.  

Inform your business partners of joint electronic invoice exchange and also connect then to your e-invoicing systems at the same time. There are two options available in this case:

How can business partners be connected to my e-procurement and e-invoicing system using an automated process?

Automated process (campaign)

Your crossinx e-invoicing portal contains a module that enables an individual campaign to be easily created.

This means you can automatically contact your partners whilst also inviting them to make use of electronic invoice exchange at the same time.  An individual landing page in your company site can be created in a few steps.

A registration form is integrated on this page, and your partners can use it for convenient registration. The most important data is already entered for the relevant customer or supplier.

The individual connection of business partners via the crossinx Onboarding Service

Individual (crossinx onboarding service)

We accompany your switchover to the electronic invoicing process from initial communication to technical implementation. We discuss this with your partners and connect these to your system - on a wholly individual basis with our team:

To start with, our team determines your business partners who are already connected to the crossinx platform. Over 350,000 companies are connected to the crossinx network and exchange electronic invoices. Your own interface can be set up quickly and easily to exchange initial documents with these companies.

Our experienced onboarding experts identify the right contacts and continue discussions in the next step. They take over technical implementation and help their partners to find appropriate solutions.  Regardless of the system the partner uses, we can cover all data formats and many different transmission routes. If other service providers are used, our range of [roaming connections] is available.

Our onboarding team informs you regularly regarding the progress of the project. If individual partners are not interested or it’s not possible to implement it, the continued process is discussed with you.

  • Specialized onboarding team in Germany

  • Multilingual staff (German, English, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Russian)

  • Dedicated personal contact person

  • Simple and automated registration process

  • Active approach/advice to business partners

We support you in connecting your business partners. Get in contact with us.

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