Climate protection

Using digitization to combat climate change

How does climate protection work with digital solutions?

Together with our customers for climate protection

Do you know how much CO2 a single paper bill generates?

It is estimated that the production of a 500-sheet DIN A4 package alone generates between 1-1.5 kilograms of CO2. This corresponds to an amount of approx. 40-50 grams per individual sheet. Other sources of emissions such as printing, shipping and disposal are not included.

With this value, it is now easy to determine how much CO2 can be saved if paper invoices are dispensed with and electronic invoices are used instead.

Together with crossinx, you can already make a difference with small amounts of money and without great effort

With small amounts for climate protection - How does it work?

Together with you, we can strengthen this positive effect even more. You donate 0.65 cents per electronic invoice. That's right: about half a cent! We double it.

This small amount of cents goes to reforestation projects of the "Plant for the Planet" initiative, and with just 100 transactions, a tree can be planted!

As you can see, even small amounts of cents can make a difference!

At the end of the year, we document how many trees have been planted and, if you wish, issue a certificate that you can use for your sustainability report.

Together with crossinx against climate change

Climate protection without effort

The climate crisis is omnipresent today and everyone is talking about change. But this is often difficult, because corresponding measures are associated with effort and costs.

Together with crossinx, you can already make a difference with small amounts of cents and without much effort. Get involved in environmental and climate protection and support the initiative "Plant for the Planet" with your transaction costs.

Plant trees with digital solutions in cooperation with our partner Plants for the Planet

Avoid emissions and plant trees

Become climate neutral and plant trees. Support us in the fight against climate change.

To the crossinx forest on Plant-for-the-Planet

Support us in the fight against climate change

Change your billing system and support sustainable projects in the process

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