Digitalised order processes with the EDI service from crossinx

Networked production requires electronic document exchange

Production within the company is increasingly networked and takes place practically in real time. Ever shorter product life cycles mean faster changing business relationships with clients and suppliers.

An integrated financial supply chain is required to handle these requirements, and it must be possible to quickly and flexibly amend this chain to new business partners. Electronic document exchange must therefore work effectively with both large and small companies, both national and international.

Ever shorter product life cycles mean ever faster changing business relationships with customers and suppliers.

– Marcus Laube, CEO crossinx GmbH

Invoices are always just the last step in creating a supply chain with your clients and suppliers. Before this, catalogues are sent out, orders are issued, confirmations are sent, deliveries are announced and delivery notes are signed.

Complete package without in-house IT having to be involved

the crossinx EDI service, you can electronically exchange all order documents and fully process them – without investment and without adapting the IT infrastructure:

Using a single interface, crossinx converts all types of document in any format – depending on client or supplier wishes – we also handle the data transmission protocols and take over the relevant co-ordination process for you.

e-order process with crossinx

This means it is not necessary to agree in advance with every single client or supplier – in contrast to traditional EDI solutions, crossinx clarifies the desired data formats with your clients.

There is no more need for an EDI agreement with the business partner. Whilst it was once the case that every connection to individual business partners had to be documented in detail, a single interface to crossinx now suffices.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Drastic reduction in processing costs

  • No need for training

  • Guaranteed data security

  • No hardware and license costs, compatible with every system

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