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How to optimise your purchasing processes with artificial intelligence: With crossinx you can automate all operational processes in purchasing. From the order to the order confirmation to the delivery note: Matching and processing of all documents and formats – clearly laid out and time-saving with the crossinx purchasing cockpit!

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The crossinx solution for e-order matching

The goal of the crossinx solution for purchasing is the "full automation of manual processes".

Suppliers are therefore at the heart of the solution because a high automation rate is only achieved if as many suppliers as possible are connected. In concrete terms, this means:

  • no or only low costs may be incurred for the supplier

  • the supplier does not have to change his own processes or tools

  • the connection is quick and easy

  • suppliers also benefit from the connection themselves if possible

Furthermore, the processing of incoming documents (i.e. offers, order confirmations, delivery notifications, etc.) is another important function. These documents are first read electronically and with very high accuracy using artificial intelligence then converted into structured data formats so that they can then be validated, compared (i.e. an order confirmation with an order), and finally transferred to the downstream systems of the customer (i.e. ERP). If there are no deviations or if these are within certain tolerances, all this is done fully automatically.

crossinx offers the central functions for all transactions between the purchasing department and the suppliers. The most important building blocks are:

  • an interface for exchanging data and documents with your systems (ERP, materials management, accounting, archive etc.)

  • a central user cockpit for the analysis, matching and control of the further processing of documents (rules, workflows, tolerances etc.)

  • an interface to the supplier, which is designed according to its technical possibilities – in many cases without any effort for the supplier

„Our solution frees the purchasing department of time-consuming manual activities and creates time for the really important tasks!"

Reinald Schneller, Director Procurement Automation crossinx, GmbH

Supplier connections made easy

An important pre-requisite for a high degree of automation is the fast connection of all or at least most suppliers. The best solution can therefore only work if they can participate or ideally connect without incurring costs or effort on the part of the suppliers.

Full automation of manual processes in procurement with processing of all incoming documents such as quotations, order confirmations, shipping notifications.

Here, crossinx offers a wide range of possibilities, which enables a fast coverage of a large number of suppliers. Suppliers can choose their preferred connection method, because crossinx serves all input and output channels: from EDI to PDF documents and even paper documents. Artificial intelligence creates completely new possibilities and, above all, smaller companies that do not or cannot use EDI are connected quickly and without much effort.

Fast supplier connection without high costs and effort

Short project duration and faster ROI

crossinx relies on configurable standard modules and software-as-a-service. This significantly shor-tens the project duration from commissioning to productive operation. Novel AI-based technologies ensure the fast and uncomplicated connection of suppliers and the reliable processing of documents. The highest levels of automation are achieved in the shortest time possible, and ROI is usually achieved within the first year.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Automation of any operational processes in purchasing

  • Short project times

  • Quick and high ROI

  • Highly satisfied suppliers and partners

  • Highly satisfied users

  • Guaranteed and certified data security; Made in Germany

  • More time for the important tasks

  • Improvement of the purchasing department's image as a driver of innovation

  • The significance of the purchasing department within becomes more transparent

  • High attractivity of purchasing for young professionals

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