Everything you need for electronic outgoing invoices in a single product

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Simple and fast

We have packed all necessary functions into your crossinx channel so that your accounting department is ready for electronic outgoing invoices straight out of the box - in a plug and play format requiring no extra work from your IT and is 100% compatible with your ERP system. Guaranteed!

With only one interface to the crossinx network, you can meet all your customers' invoice processing requirements.

– Marcus Laube, CEO crossinx GmbH

Send invoices automatically - electronically in any format (such as XRechnung or ZUGFeRD), by email, with invoice printing until archiving takes place. You can handle all client requirements regarding invoice processing with just a single interface to the crossinx network. This does not just improve your processes, but also customer loyalty. Managing your clients is also easy and flexible to control using the portal.

graphic of outgoing invoice

Electronic outgoing invoicing in 5 steps:

  • Connect any ERP/bookkeeping system with the crossinx network - e.g. simply as PDF invoices.

  • Free provision of the common formats PDF, XML, Edifact, Idoc, CSV, XRechnung and ZUGFeRD for your clients. If necessary, we will also carry out printing. 

  • Convenient client management in the crossinx portal (determining formats, email addresses, texts, etc. per client).

  • Our onboarding team and the campaign tools will help you to quickly change clients over to e-invoices.

  • Ultimately, the invoices can be conveniently accessed for up to 11 years in our revision-proof archive.

crossinx machine converting and sending various invoice formats

Germany-wide guarantee for public administration

Federal ministries have been receiving electronic invoices since November 2018.

Municipalities are obliged to do so by April 2020 at the latest. We help not just in generating the XRechnung invoice, but also ensure that you can send your invoices to all approx. 12,000 municipalities in Germany!

man at desk sending e-invoice

Worldwide tax compliance in over 60 countries

Our solutions are not just GoBD- certified and made in Germany, but also tax-compliant in over 60 countries worldwide.

Regardless of whether you require solutions for integration to national platforms in South America or Italy, have to satisfy tax reporting requirements in Hungary or Spain, or need a certified PEPPOL access point, we have the right solution and experience worldwide with implementation.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Invoice dispatch in ALL formats

  • Simple and fast - ready to use

  • In a network with over 350,000 companies

  • Cost savings

  • 100% compatible with your ERP system

  • Made and hosting in Germany

  • Tax compliant

crossinx dashoboard outgoing invoice

Quick cost savings through client changeovers

If necessary, we provide support by changing over clients to an electronic process. Our expert team clears up the prerequisites and benefits for your clients by phone.

Alternatively, you can send clients invitations to switch over to the electronic invoicing process with our campaign tool. The client can then start with electronic invoice receipt in a matter of clicks. You can comfortably handle all client management matters in our portal.


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