Electronic incoming invoicing

Everything you need for electronic incoming invoicing in a single product

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Incoming invoices with all formats

We have packed all necessary functions into your crossinx collector so that your accounting department is ready for electronic incoming invoicing straight out of the box - in a modular, plug and play format. No added work for your IT department and 100% compatible with your ERP system. Guaranteed!

Receive all possible data formats without adapting your ERP system. Our solutions are 100% compatible with your ERP system.

Marcus Laube, CEO crossinx GmbH

Receive electronic data formats such as XRechnung, ZUGFeRD or XML via your crossinx collector. We read your PDF invoices with the PDF module and your paper invoices via our scan module. Regardless of the format your invoices are from your suppliers – crossinx makes all incoming invoices available via a single interface. Invoices are formally monitored by ourselves and corrected before final release takes place.

Invoice processing with all formats: ZUGFeRD, XInvoice, paper invoice, PDF invoice, via roaming.

Electronic incoming invoicing in 5 steps:

  • Connect any ERP/bookkeeping system with the crossinx network.

  • Your suppliers send you their invoice via crossinx in any data format or even as a paper invoice.

  • All data is initially checked in crossinx collector and additional information is added if necessary.

  • Afterwards the crossinx release workflow can be used and the data can be archived in a revision-proof manner. Alternatively, we connect your own systems for this purpose.

  • Our onboarding team and the campaign tools will help you to quickly change suppliers over to e-invoices

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Incoming invoices with ALL formats

  • Simple and fast - ready to use

  • In a network with over 350,000 companies

  • Cost savings

  • 100% compatible with your ERP system

  • Made and hosting in Germany

The crossinx release workflow

The crossinx release workflow

The invoice release process integrated in collector ensures that an invoice can only be further processed when released by a responsible party.

As an additional module, it helps you distribute the invoices within the company, to connect release with a rights concept and to also add extra information where required. The supplier can be made aware of incorrect invoices via pre-configured text modules.

Quick cost savings through supplier changeovers

Quick cost savings through supplier changeovers

If necessary, we provide support by changing over suppliers to an electronic process.

Our expert team clears up the prerequisites and benefits for your suppliers by phone. Alternatively, you can send suppliers invitations to switch over to the electronic invoicing process with our campaign tool. The supplier can then start with electronic invoice dispatch in a matter of clicks.

Double the security

The x.collector satisfies all legal and tax compliance specifications in Germany and Europe (GoBD-compliant). Our solution is certified and also made in Germany.

Every incoming invoice is checked in your x.collector and then validated. Discrepancies are instantly identified and displayed. This ensures that you are protected against fraud.

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