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Innovative discount auction

Our discount and credit auction is an alternative financing solution that is, above all, independent of banks and a method to improve liquidity in your company.

In this case, it is an invoice-based auction process initiated by the invoice issuer or recipient, in which discounts on the invoice or earlier payment of invoices is taken to auction. 

On the one hand, this process leads to a shorter payment period and on the other to a considerable saving.

Win-Win: The customer receives an attractive discount compared to a short-term capital investment and the supplier can expect to receive payment earlier

– Marcus Laube, CEO crossinx GmbH

A win-win situation for both parties: The client receives an attractive discount compared to a short-term financial investment and the supplier knows that payment will come quicker than usual. This increases liquidity.

You can quickly and individually negotiate discounts for every single invoice via the platform for your bid in order for invoices to be paid quicker. This means financing can be controlled flexibly and amended to suit current developments.

The objective is to optimise your cash flows and liquidity management from individual or several companies along your supply chain.

e-invoicing, electronic incoming and outgoing invoices are the prerequisite to use this process. Electronic invoice data and digitalisation of financial processes make it possible to control shorter payment targets and discounts such that all parties involved actually benefit.

Auction of discounts and shorter payment terms

The principle is simple: You invite your suppliers to an auction on the crossinx platform. Your offer: Open invoices are paid before the set period of, for example, 30 days if the supplier with the invoice offers a discount. So that the auction remains controllable, you can set a maximum limit by which your supplier should carry out early payment. 

Our discount and credit auction is an alternative and above all bank-independent financing solution with which you can increase the liquidity in your company.

The invoice issuer can then grant a percentage off as a discount in conjunction with the shorter payment period terms offered. The most attractive offers win the auction. As you would expect, your suppliers can also start auctions. In this case, the lowest discount request gets the bid and the supplier is paid earlier.

Such alternative financing options independent of the banks can help you improve your company’s liquidity.

Advantages for the buyer

  • Attractive discounts by paying invoices in good time

  • Rewarding alternative to short-term capital investments

  • Possibility of including all suppliers

  • Increased chance of discounts as many suppliers participate

  • Free choice of payment date

  • Less expense on individual discount discussions

Advantages for the supplier

  • Liquidity just when it is needed

  • Attractive alternative to short or medium-term credit options

  • Spontaneous and flexible use

  • Free choice of payment date

  • Increased chance of early payment as more buyers are involved

  • Less expense on payment discussions

Create a crossinx discount or credit auction and invite your business partners to take advantage of the many benefits and options available to improve liquidity.

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