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Europe-wide guarantee for municipalities

The XRechnung is an established standard for public administration. In addition, this also means that all formats in line with European standards must be processed. What does this mean for standards from other countries?

Is it necessary to receive ZUGFeRD? How can it be ensured that all future updates of these formats can be received? The new PEPPOL standard is already obligatory at a federal level. Will this obligation also apply to municipalities?

You are in safe hands with crossinx’s Europe guarantee. We handle processing of all standards that are compulsory now and in the future, without altering your IT. You don't notice anything. Not even in your wallet. And if suppliers still want to send invoices in paper or PDF format, we can still help.

European guarantee for municipalities. Without adapting the IT, crossinx processes all standards for e-bills that are mandatory today.

Practical example City of Heidelberg

On the way to a digitized and networked municipality. The City of Heidelberg Digitizes Billing Processes with Komm.ONE and crossinx

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Powerful partnerships with Sparkassen and communal data centres

Our solutions for invoice receipt are fine-tuned with many communal data centres and integrated in their systems. This means, for example, that crossinx can handle invoices in all data formats and that these are processed via the invoice approval workflow within the relevant data centre. This means you get a wholly electronic solution in line with all current and future requirements of EU regulations whilst making day-to-day work easier. On the other hand, we also work with the KRZ Minden-Ravensberg, Komm.ONE, ekom21 and AKDB data centres.

Powerful partnerships with Sparkassen and communal data centres krz Minden, Komm.ONE, ekom21 and AKDB

Together with our partner S-Public Services, part of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, we have developed Sparkassen RechnungsService (SRS), which is operated through all 400 or so Sparkassen and is tailored to meet the requirements of public administrations. This enables the invoice recipient to receive all requested data formats such as the European standard, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD or others via crossinx without having to amend existing IT infrastructure.

In addition, PDF and paper invoices can also be processed and additional services can be used. Together with local Sparkassen and campaign tools, we support you in ensuring that as many of your suppliers are switched over to an electronic process and that you can enjoy the benefits as quickly as possible.


Our latest white paper provides comprehensive information regarding the technical and legal requirements as well as the planned schedule.

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Secure and certified solutions already used by many public sector customers

We work closely with public administration as pioneers in electronic invoicing. As a result, crossinx is already linked to the federal portal and can send invoices to the connected ministries. Numerous municipalities also use these incoming invoice solutions and satisfy regulatory specifications as a result.

One important reason for this is the secure and certified solutions made in Germany by crossinx. Data storage takes place in certified data centres in the Rhein-Main region of Germany. Our certification from auditors (IDW PS 951) demonstrates that processing takes place as per the high standards set out by the GoBD. This also ensures that fraud and spam do not take place. All invoices are filtered through the crossinx systems in advance and only authorised invoices are passed on to the recipient.

Secure and certified solutions already used by many public sector customers

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