Digitization for accounting and procurement

With the e-solutions from crossinx, you digitize accounting and procurement in your company - regardless of company size and industry

Digitization in accounting and procurement -
a solution that is suitable for all industries.

The large number of daily manual activities brings a lot of effort and challenges for you. Sending invoices and reconciling purchase orders with order confirmations cost a lot of time if these processes are not fully digitized. In addition, different customer groups, internationality, local differences and different industries lead to diverse requirements. Often, there is not enough time to keep track of strategic priorities and new guidelines and requirements, while at the same time managing the processes efficiently.

We are familiar with all these challenges and the current requirements and offer a future-proof solution that will make your day-to-day business much easier. No matter the size of your company or the industry in which you operate, our solutions enable you to fully digitize your cross-business data and document exchange. For example, your invoices, order confirmations, delivery documents and much more can be fully automated.

For this purpose, we offer you standardized and lean products that are 100% compatible with any ERP system. The implementation succeeds with a simple installation and without additional effort for your IT department. You can exchange all document types with your suppliers and customers quickly, easily and securely - regardless of the format.

Our solution is suitable for every industry and company size. We meet all the relevant requirements and have gathered years of experience in numerous industries. Our customers include, for example, companies from the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, automation technology, logistics, electronics, retail or even healthcare.

Here you can see an extract of our customers from numerous industries:

Digital solutions for invoicing and ordering: suitable for all industries

In the following, we give you an insight into some of the industries in which we have already implemented our solutions.

Digitalization in Accounting and Procurement for Mechanical and Plant Engineering

E-solutions for mechanical and plant engineering

As a service provider with many years of experience in the field of digitization, we know the requirements in mechanical and plant engineering. We know exactly what is important and support all companies in digitization, from startups to medium-sized businesses to global players.

E-Invoicing solutions for Healthcare, clinic and hospital network

E-solutions for:

Healthcare, clinic and hospital network

In the healthcare sector, we already have numerous customers who have taken a big step in digitization with the help of our solution. No matter in which format the suppliers send their invoices to the hospital management, crossinx makes all incoming invoices available quickly, directly and digitally via a single interface.

List of references: CWS BOCO; DRÄGER, Fresenius; Sartorius; Beiersdorf

With a simple installation, you securely connect to your suppliers and instant data exchange is thereby enabled with all major hospital suppliers. These include: Draeger, CWS Boco, Sartorius, Beiersdorf, Fresenius, and many more.

crossinx industry solutions for the construction and craft industries

E-solutions for:
Construction and craft industry

Sending XInvoices to the public contracting authority is just one of many major challenges for companies in the construction industry. We are very familiar with the difficulties and have developed special solutions.

Electronic invoice dispatch in XInvoice format with solutions from crossinx - in cooperation with BRZ and BPS Software

Our all-in-one solutions, which we have developed together with our partners BPS Software and BRZ Deutschland, help companies to meet the many requirements in the long term. Get to know the many advantages:

crossinx industry solutions for the Transport and logistics industry

E-solutions for:
Transport and logistics industry

Also in the area of transport and logistics, many customers have already exchanged their documents and receipts digitized with crossinx. One of these customers is DB Cargo, which as an international transport and logistics company bundles all national and international activities of Deutsche Bahn in rail freight transport.

Read the case study of our customer DB Cargo

The company has set itself the task of optimizing the existing processes in the outgoing invoices of all foreign DB Cargo companies, taking into account the country-specific, legal requirements. For this purpose, a uniform solution from crossinx is used throughout Europe.

crossinx industry solutions for the service industry

E-solutions for:
Service industry

Paper overload and complex billing with extensive attachments, such as statements of work, are two of the biggest challenges in sending invoices in the service industry. The increasing and diverse requirements for document types often complicate day-to-day business. We help you handle your documents efficiently and free up time for more important issues.

Digitization for RGE-Essen - A success story

Easy installation without extra effort: our plug-and-play solutions

The crossinx plug-and-play solutions are compatible with any ERP system and can be installed easily and quickly. There is no additional work for your IT department and you receive a lean solution that can be expanded modularly if necessary. Project runtimes from commissioning to productive operation are short, usually only a few weeks, and the benefits are immediate.

Data exchange in the crossinx network

With a simple installation, you connect quickly and securely with your customers and suppliers. Our "crossnet" is the leading network for e-invoices, e-orders and e-financing. Over 350,000 companies already exchange their documents via it.

Double security

All data is processed exclusively in German, ISO-certified data centers and is subject to German data protection. crossinx is audited and compliant with tax law in over 60 countries. This is also proven by our IDW PS 951 certification, according to which the data is processed GoBD compliant.

We help you to exchange your data and documents in the future in a highly innovative and uncomplicated way.

Regardless of company size and industry, all processes in the area of e-invoicing, e-procurement and e-financing can be completely digitalized with the solutions from crossinx. We support you in this process. Contact us; we will be happy to advise you.

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