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Digitalisation in accounting for freelancers and small companies

Our solutions for small business owners help business people, self-employed and freelancers drastically reduce the bureaucracy they face

As an entrepreneur, you’d like to fully concentrate on your business. In-house bookkeeping is tiresome and annoying. The paperwork is often done by hand and the accounting is done in Excel. This is not just time-consuming, but also difficult to keep track of things.

With our Small Business Solution, we help businesses, self-employed and freelancers to drastically reduce the bureaucratic burden.

Digitalisation for small companies

Our Banqup solution for small business owners helps business people, self-employed and freelancers drastically reduce the bureaucracy they face. We offer expenditure management, invoice creation, client and supplier management, as well as monthly and quarterly financial statements in ONE. This gives the business owner control and an insight into their company.

Reducing bureaucracy

Our Banqup software gives the business owner the option of creating bids, then automatically converting them into invoices and reminding customers of an outstanding payment if needed. Access is available to financial, customer and supplier data at all times, meaning that the business owner is always up-to-date regarding income and expenses.

Banqup is a clever, professional tool for accounting and financial work. It is intuitive to use whilst corresponding to banking standards and the ISO norm.

Tailored to the needs of small companies

As the costs are low and it can be terminated on a monthly basis, Banqup is tailored to the demands of small companies and provides a peerless solution on the market in this sector.

We help small business owners digitalise their business. Be fully informed of the various features and opportunities that Banqup has to offer: www.banqup.com


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