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Digitization for international corporations

Many major international companies such as Fresenius, Beiersdorf, Sixt and ABB have carried out projects with crossinx. The opportunities and also the challenges of digitalisation become particularly clear for such companies. Branches of major companies represented worldwide have to adhere to the requirements of tax regulations for electronic invoices.

crossinx helps your company to constantly bear current and extremely dynamic developments in this sector in mind. crossinx ensures that all necessary information on an invoice is in line with local regulations and also connects your accounting department to the central platforms in financial management that have to be used for exchanging invoices (clearance systems).

E-invoicing and e-procurement solutions for international corporations: Over 10 years of experience in digitization. Our experts support you.

The complete financial supply chain

Take advantage of the savings potential offered by digitalised processes: All documents from the order to the delivery note to the invoice are transferred completely and electronically via the crossinx network. Your company is therefore guaranteed that accounting department processes are synchronised and in harmony with those within the procurement department. On the one hand, this applies to the purchase-to-pay process as well as the order-to-cash process. Frequently this is the only way order numbers, delivery note numbers or item data can be compared and automatically posted as earnings statements.

Electronically exchanging order documents...

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Connecting business partners

The challenges of increasing digitalisation become clearer especially with the electronic linkage of customers and suppliers. The more companies want to exchange documents electronically, the more technical solutions have to be taken into account. Business partners use various ERP systems, want to take individual processes into accounts or use differing marketplaces, portals and service providers. Due to ever-shortening product life cycles, the speed at which new suppliers and customers have to be connected to systems and processes also increases. We support you in connecting your business partners to your systems.

System integration into IT infrastructure

Largely due to historical reasons, such as acquiring companies, large companies often have a variety of ERP and bookkeeping systems and a very heterogeneous IT infrastructure. This means serious challenges such as in the management of supplier master data, comparison with order processes, and standardised document processing. In addition there are local specifications and requirements that are also generally not resolved via regional shared service centres.  

The services offered by crossinx help provide all benefits of digitalisation despite the challenges. This is regardless of the individual situation of your company. Read our user reports in our crossinx e-magazine or simply talk to us.

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