Digitization for mechanical and plant engineering

How does the mechanical and plant engineering industry digitize its purchasing and invoicing processes?

Digitization for mechanical and plant engineering

According to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, Germany is the world's third largest producer of machinery. German mechanical and plant engineering is considered a global leader, making it one of the most important industries of all in the Federal Republic. Nevertheless, the industry faces a growing number of challenges: Globalization, sustainability, shortage of skilled workers, growing sets of rules and standards, Industry 4.0 and digitalization - to name just a few key points.

Digitization for mechanical and plant engineering

Digitization is fundamentally changing mechanical and plant engineering. It is increasingly helping to increase efficiency, automate routine tasks, cut costs and maintain competitiveness. SMEs in particular must be careful not to lose touch. By focusing too much on the core business, the digitization of purchasing departments or accounting can quickly be forgotten. Yet it is precisely the administrative processes in these areas where the costs, but also the potential for automation, are very high.

Case study ABB

How one of the largest machine and plant manufacturers digitizes its global invoicing processes with solutions from crossinx (in german):

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What requirements does the mechanical and plant engineering industry place on the digitization of its purchasing and invoicing processes?

A modern digitization solution for mechanical and plant engineering must be able to meet many requirements:

  • Low costs - Fear of high investment costs is one of the main reasons for not implementing digitization projects. That's why a low-cost solution is needed whose cost does not exceed the potential savings.

  • Simple and straightforward - The solution must be quick and easy to integrate into corporate environments. Flexible interfaces for exchange with downstream systems (ERP, materials management, accounting, archiving, etc.) are a prerequisite.

  • Format-independent - All document types must be able to be automated, regardless of format. This is the only way to ensure that the solution is sustainable and that a different software provider is not required for each file or document format.

  • Fast and direct data exchange - Flexible and uncomplicated connections to customers and suppliers must enable fast and direct data exchange between business partners.

  • User-friendly handling - Implementation and training for new solutions in particular often incur high costs. Simple and user-friendly handling minimizes these.

Expert solutions for digitization in mechanical engineering

As a service provider with many years of experience in the field of digitization, we are familiar with these requirements and know exactly what matters. We support all companies in mechanical and plant engineering in digitization, from startups to medium-sized companies to global players.

  • crossinx offers standardized solutions whose investment costs are amortized after a very short time and reduce running costs in the long term. Direct and indirect costs fully under control - The big advantage with digitization solutions from crossinx

  • Implementation and training costs are also low, as the products can be easily integrated into the corporate environment without changing the existing IT structures. Compatibility with any ERP system is guaranteed.

  • No additional specialists are required for the digitization of invoicing and purchasing processes. The experts at crossinx have years of experience in the topics of digitization, e-invoicing and e-procurement and are available to provide companies with advice and support.

  • No problem with different formats: The solutions from crossinx are certified, process all formats and meet the tax requirements for document processing in over 60 countries worldwide.

Digitization for Accounting

Digitization in accounting could not be easier. With the products of crossinx, you can quickly and easily automate the following processes:

All invoice formats can be processed and exchanged securely and digitally via a network at lightning speed. And all this without adapting the existing IT infrastructure and 100% compatible with any ERP system.

Find out more about the products for electronic invoice processing and use them to automate the processes in your accounting: crossinx E-Invoice

Digitization in purchasing and procurement

Digitization in purchasing and procurement

With crossinx, you can automate all operational processes in purchasing. From the purchase order to the order confirmation to the delivery bill: comparison and processing of all documents and formats - clearly arranged and time-saving with the crossinx purchasing cockpit!

Find out more about the products for digitization in the purchasing and procurement area: crossinx e-ordering

Consulting for companies in the mechanical and plant engineering industry

Get in touch with us. Our experts will be happy to support you in digitizing your purchasing and procurement processes.

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