Digitization for accounting in the construction and real estate industry

Together with our partners, we support small and medium-sized businesses in digitizing their finance and invoicing processes

Digitization for the construction and real estate industry

The construction industry is a key sector in Germany. According to the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, it is one of the sectors that has so far come through the crisis best and is playing a key role in supporting the German economy. Demand for construction services remains high.

Digitalization for the construction and real estate industry by crossinx

And yet German construction companies are facing major challenges. Digitization is also one of the keywords here; a topic that does not stop at the construction industry.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine construction without software programs. This applies not only to project planning and costing, but also to the administrative area.

The challenge of e-invoicing

The topic of electronic invoicing or digital invoicing plays a special role here. Since November 2020, all suppliers have been required to submit invoices electronically to the federal authorities in accordance with certain format specifications (XInvoice). And this primarily affects the construction and trades industries. Those who have not adapted their invoicing processes accordingly here run the risk of not being able to participate in tenders. In the worst case, even that invoices will not be paid.

Requiring suppliers to submit e-invoices to federal agencies

Can invoices be rejected if they are not sent in digital format? You can find out more about the obligation for federal and state contractors to submit invoices in digital format in our e-magazine.

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Expert solutions for digitization in the construction and real estate industry

This is where all-in-one solutions can help. As with a construction project, for which many participants pool their expertise to create a complete object, we have teamed up with experts from the field of ERP software for construction.

Our partners for digitization in the construction industry: BRZ and BPS

As one of the market leaders and specialists in the field of electronic invoicing, we offer digitization solutions for the construction and real estate industry from a single source together with our competent and experienced partners BRZ Deutschland GmbH and BPS Software GmbH.

ERP and E-Invoicing

Powerful ERP systems combined with digital invoice receipt and invoice issue solutions guarantee a smooth process from project start to completion. The advantages are clear:

  • Cost reduction through simple processes

  • Fulfillment of tax law requirements for invoicing - even for foreign invoices

  • Invoice dispatch at the push of a button

  • Processing of all invoice formats for incoming and outgoing invoices

Our partner BPS Software GmbH

Since 1997, the company BPS Software GmbH from Münsterland has been developing industry-specific software solutions especially for the construction industry. Customers are mainly medium-sized companies from the fields of building construction, SF construction, civil engineering and road construction, earthworks, demolition and plant engineering.

Digital invoice dispatch from BPS Bau ERP systems

Supplemented with the e-invoicing solutions from crossinx, the user has a complete package at his disposal, with which invoices can now be sent digitally directly from the BPS BAU software to the invoice recipient at the push of a button. The great advantage here is that the customer's invoice-specific requirements as well as the tax law requirements are fulfilled.

Video Tutorial von BPS Bau zu Rechnungsversand mit XRechnung aus BPS Bau

Electronic invoice sending from BPS construction software

In the video you will learn how to send electronic invoices such as X-Invoice from version of the BPS construction software.

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The all-in-one solution for the construction industry

The cooperation of crossinx and BPS Software extends the functional scope of BPS Bau by a complete digital invoice output. This provides the user with a complete all-in-one solution for the construction industry.

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Our partner BRZ Germany GmbH

Our partner BRZ Deutschland GmbH is a specialist for organization and construction IT. With organizational consulting, a cloud-based ERP construction software platform, outsourcing services as well as training offers, the company supports companies in the construction industry in digitizing processes and organizing them in a cost-saving and efficient manner.

Together with BRZ, we offer an all-round service including dispatch of all invoice formats. Easily integrated into the existing BRZ construction software, the system supports you in creating electronic invoices. In doing so, we guarantee that the invoices can be sent to public and private clients in the respective format required (e.g. XInvoice, ZUGFeRD, etc.).

The e-billing solution integrated into the BRZ construction software - All advantages at a glance:

  • Invoice sending in all formats (e.g. XInvoice and ZUGFeRD)

  • Simple and fast - ready to use

  • Everything from one source

  • BRZ supports you in the introduction of e-billing

E-invoicing to public clients

As a construction company, send e-invoices including all industry-specific attachments to all public and private clients in the format they require.

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E-invoice with BRZ

Switch to the BRZ solution for electronic outgoing invoices. This not only saves time and effort, but also cash!

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