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crossinx is highly regarded by its global and medium-sized customers for innovative and user-oriented solutions in the rapidly growing market of digitalising financial and business processes.

Entrepreneurial thinking and excellent team spirit are the keys to our success.  Above all, crossinx has an agile, dynamic corporate culture characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit, streamlined hierarchies and short decision-making paths.  

We’d be delighted if you would like to become part of this team and support us in this extremely exciting market environment.  Flexible shifts and mobile working are part of an agile work environment. We work in line with the OKR management method (Objectives and Key Results). Competitive salaries including benefits for all stages of life (e.g. company pension scheme, tax-free benefits, general company car registrations) are part of the package at crossinx.

Current jobs:

Please see our vacancies (job descriptions only available in German).

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How can I apply to crossinx?

We have a flexible application process at crossinx for our applicants and do not follow a standardised process on our website. Please contact us at any time.

Whether you send us all your application documents (brief cover letter, CV, references, and state your earliest possible start date and salary expectations) or just send us a brief email. We will answer within a few days.

Receipt of application

After initial contact and receipt of your documents, we compare your application details with our advertised profile of requirements or check for alternative potential employment options.

Normally, a qualified response to your application will be received within 14 days. If we consider your application to be suitable for our vacancy, we will invite you to a first personal interview.

Personal interview

We invite you to our company headquarters in Frankfurt am Main for this personal interview, which is also an opportunity to get to know the work environment at crossinx. Usually the interview with your future departmental boss and our HR manager will be around one hour in length.

During this interview, we will introduce the company and business strategy in detail. Above all, we aim to answer your questions and give you an insight into your potential future field of activity. We’d also like to get to know you better and give a good impression of our staff and the working environment at crossinx. A discussion amongst equals is particularly important to us as you shouldn’t just be a good fit for us – we must also be a good fit for you. Our aim is to clarify mutual expectations and identify overlaps. Usually, you will receive feedback about the interview from one of your interviewers within a week.

Second personal interview

We generally carry out a second personal interview, usually soon after the first. It usually consists of an exchange regarding any outstanding topics regarding your specific role at crossinx, as well as clarifying any remaining open questions.

In addition, you will get to see the management team if this didn’t take place in the first interview. After this meeting, you will soon get feedback regarding whether you have been recruited and the final conditions

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