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Simple, fast implementation for electronic invoice processing - GoBD certified and made in Germany. We send it in XRechnung format to public administration and can assist regarding tax compliance in over 60 countries worldwide. To do so, we offer companies and municipalities the appropriate guarantees, standard products and bespoke solutions for incoming and outgoing invoices.

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The 100% solution

We connect everything! All documents, all IT systems and all companies. Everyone has an ideal solution - whether standard or bespoke.

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Network benefit

Over 350,000 companies and communities already use our network. Your customers and suppliers are already here.

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Tax compliance

The big challenge is not only to become "tax compliant", but above all to remain so. We guarantee tax compliance for e-bills in over 60 countries worldwide

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Double security

Our solutions are certified and Made in Germany.

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Digitisation and climate protection

Scalable solutions for a better climate from crossinx. Support sustainable reforestation projects even with small amounts.

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Cost saving

Save costs and simplify processes. These are THE advantages of digitalization in accounting.

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Digitalise your whole order process - The crossinx EDI service means you can exchange and fully handle electronic order documents. From the order confirmation to the delivery note: All documents and every data format!

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Stay liquid - with cash flow optimisation from crossinx. The supplier wants to be paid as quickly as possible, whilst the buyer would like to delay payment for as long as is possible. We offer attractive solutions that improve liquidity for both parties. This can be through additional proceeds through discounts, extended payment objectives or pre-financing.

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