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Our products are rebranded as part of the Unifiedpost Group family. Our product x collector has been rebranded and given new name - Collect

1. General

  • For whom is x collector suitable?
    x collector is the basic product of crossinx, designed for the electronic receipt of invoices. x collector has been developed for all companies wanting to receive digital invoices from own suppliers or senders registered in the crossinx network. With x collector, you have the possibility to control the incoming invoice process efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Which technical requirements are necessary for x collector usage?
    x collector is a cloud-based application. Therefore, all you need is a working Internet connection and an up-to-date browser. Your suppliers submit their invoices as a PDF or structured data and we convert them into your preferred format.

  • Where is my data stored?
    The data is hosted exclusively in Switzerland and is thus subject to the Swiss Federal Data Protection Regulation.

  • What happens to my data after contract termination?
    Access to the portal is guaranteed until the cut-off date of the termination. You are responsible for downloading and archiving your invoices, subject to retention, in your own system before the user account is disabled. crossinx will delete all invoices after the termination date has been reached.

  • What are the costs for using x collector?
    The setup costs for the x collector service for incoming e-invoices consists of a one-time only setup fee of 1.950 CHF and a monthly basic fee of 39 CHF. We are happy to advise you in a personal conversation.

    Your contact at crossinx:

    Sales Executive Switzerland
    Doris Zanoni
    E-Mail: doris.zanoni@crossinx.com
    Tel: +41 79 312 91 41

2. Registration

  • How does the registration process work?
    After signing a contract, we will process your one-time-only activation and invoice receiving party setup. As soon as this step has been completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. You will now be able to log in to x collector as an already registered user.

  • I am not the main user. Is it possible to add more users at a later stage?
    After registration, it is possible to add an unlimited number of users under „Settings > Users“.

  • How many users can I create?
    x collector is licence free, you may create as many users as you need.

  • Is it possible to transfer the admin rights of the main user at a later stage?
    The assignment of user rights is possible within the scope of the workflow rights management under „Settings > User”. The following user classifications are available:

    • Workflow Administrator

    • Campaign Manager

    • Administrator

      Administrator role gives the user complete user rights. An administrator sees all areas of the application and is allowed to change the organization settings. If this user role is not activated, the user can only call up documents that have been assigned to him and process them in the workflow.

  • I cannot read the captcha in the registry, is there an acoustic version available?
    An acoustic version of the captcha is not available. If you have problems with deciphering the code, please generate a new captcha via the „Update“ button.

  • Why can't I see the menu toolbar?
    Should the scaling of your screen be greater than 125% (recommended), the menu toolbar will be minimized and displayed as. With one mouse click you are able to open the entire menu toolbar.

  • How can I change my password?
    The password can be changed at any time under „Settings > User“. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it on the login page.

  • Why do I need to enter my bank details?
    At least one bank account is required for your setup. This will be used by crossinx in the invoices to your company. Furthermore, the data is used for the creation of letter templates in the campaigns and rejection management.

  • Why do I have to input different e-mail addresses?
    The E-mail address for receiving invoices is used for suppliers who want to send you PDF invoices via e-mail. crossinx processes these and provides structured data for further automatic processing. If the functions for order management are activated, you can also enter an e-mail address to which your suppliers can send their order confirmations in PDF format. The E-mail address for sending invitations/rejects is used to send invitations or rejections to your suppliers. The Forwarding E-mail Address is used, for example, to forward messages about the undeliverability of a sent e-mail to you.

  • Can the texts of the rejection documents be individualized?
    Specific error codes are set in the crossinx system and are being triggered as soon as incorrect or missing information is detected. If a document has an error code, it is automatically sent to the workflow for viewing and editing. The texts of the error codes are preset by default, but they can be changed individually and translated into different languages depending on the language setting of the supplier. The rejection can be sent via e-mail or letter.

3. My Network

  • How do I add new suppliers?
    The quick links „Create New Supplier“ or „Import Supplier List“ allow you to create private or corporate supplier entries. Via the quick link „Discover Network“ you can search for your suppliers in the crossinx network by entering their company name. Once identified, you may send them a registration request.

  • What information is required when creating new suppliers?
    Creating new supplier entries requires the supplier number and the contact details including the address of the company.

  • How do I find my suppliers in the network?
    Using the „Discover Network” quick link, you can search for your suppliers by entering their company name. Once you have identified your suppliers, you can send them a registration invitation by using the „Registration” button. This will open a new window on the right-hand side, where you will need to select „Registration > Send enrolment”.

4. Supplier Master Data

  • What is the purpose of the supplier master data import?
    x collector offers the possibility to import suppliers from an ERP system. These suppliers can be invited via a campaign to send their invoices in PDF via e-mail.

  • Can I input supplier master data in the x collector portal myself?
    Under „Network > Import Supplier List” you have the option of importing your supplier master data. You may use the sample file available in the interface, containing the required data structure. Additional information can be found in the detailed instruction sheet, available under „Network > Import Supplier List > Instructions”.

  • What happens if the master data file (CSV) contains new information about existing suppliers? Will it be overwritten or deleted?
    As soon as the import is started, an automated data check is carried out. If all mandatory information is present, it is checked whether already available supplier data matches the new supplier data from the uploaded file. If data was already imported, manually created, or is duplicated, you will be requested to activate one of the following options:

    • „Keep both” - New supplier creation (in addition to existing supplier record).

    • „Keep existing data” - The supplier data from the import file is ignored and only the existing supplier data is retained.

    • „Overwrite existing data” - Existing supplier data is overwritten by the newly uploaded supplier data.

    • „Keep both for all other” - The new supplier data is used for creating new supplier records without overwriting existing supplier data.

  • Are automated master data imports possible?
    An automated master data import can be booked separately. This is programmed based on an individual mapping. For additional information, please feel free to contact us:

    Your contact at crossinx:
    Sales Executive Switzerland
    Doris Zanoni
    E-Mail: doris.zanoni@crossinx.com
    Tel: +41 79 312 91 41

  • What information is required for master data imports?
    When configuring an automated master data import, crossinx requires a structured specification template that must always be followed. The same number of fields per record (number of semicolons per row) as well as the order of the fields must be respected.

    • If a record already exists, a rule must be set as to what to do with the data. It can be retained or overwritten.

    • To delete a record, one of the actions „Replace” or „Delete” must be defined.

    For detailed information, please contact crossinx project team.

5. Campaigns

  • What are campaigns needed for?
    The goal of a campaign is to inform your suppliers about the possibility of submitting their invoices as PDF files by e-mail. Campaigns can be sent by post or e-mail and the campaign text can be customized by you.

  • Who can manage campaigns?
    Only campaign managers can see the „Campaigns” button in the main menu and can create and manage campaigns.

  • How do I create a campaign?
    You will quickly access the campaign settings from „Dashboard“ > quick link „Campaigns“ or the menu „Campaigns“. You can select the campaign type and design a cover letter that will be sent per post via our print service provider or alternatively via e-mail.

  • How do I select my suppliers for the campaigns?
    You can define target groups for campaigns based on particular attributes or number of invoices. „Keywords“ and „Number of Invoices“ are attributes which you can assign to your suppliers. Selecting the appropriate criteria and clicking on the „Find Organizations“ button will determine the target suppliers for your campaign.

  • Where do I review my campaign results?
    Under „Campaigns > Overview“ you have the possibility to check the current status and the results of your campaigns. (The number of targeted suppliers who responded to the campaign is also displayed as a percentage.)

  • What is the purpose of a Landing Page?
    The landing page is a website that contains your company presentation. Suppliers who have received a notification, triggered by a campaign, can follow the link contained in the QR code or click on the link contained in the e-mail invitation. They can register for sending you their invoices as PDF by specifying one or multiple e-mail addresses. With the acceptance of the invitation, the supplier will be automatically activated for the e-mail PDF sending option and his e-mail addresses will be „whitelisted”.

6. Documents

  • What documents and attachments can I receive?
    x collector allows you to receive invoices, credit notes and cancellations and to upload your supplier master data. Reminders cannot be processed. If the functions for order assignment and order processing are added, purchase orders that are sent to the suppliers can be loaded in parallel in x collector and be assigned to the corresponding order confirmations.

  • What information is required in an invoice?
    Invoices must be VAT-compliant and meet legal requirements as well as formal criteria.

  • What happens in the event of incorrectly issued invoices?
    Our support team monitors constantly the production environment – in case of missing information within the invoices or other technical issues, we will contact your suppliers right away.

  • Why can’t I see all invoices in the portal?
    Please check the filter settings, such as document period, status, type or other filter options. Old documents, that are often used for testing purposes, may lead to duplicate ID errors and will not be listed in the portal. Also, users lacking workflow admin rights can only see documents that are assigned to them.

  • Are the invoice specifications for suppliers customizable?
    You decide what type of information the invoices should contain and whether you want to define additional mandatory fields.

  • Where can I find the status of my documents?
    The status of your documents can be checked in the x collector portal under the „Documents” menu. This status refers to the internal crossinx document processing and delivery.

7. Documents receipt in x collector

  • Which invoice formats can be received?
    Master data suppliers can send you invoices as PDF by e-mail. crossinx processes these and provides structured data such as Standard XML and Swiss ZUGFeRD (current version) for automated processing. Further individual formats can be discussed with our project team.

  • Which protocols are supported?
    x collector offers a variety of dispatch and transmission methods:

    • E-Mail / Download

    • Document Manager

    • SFTP (additional charges apply)

    • AS2 (additional charges apply)

    • Rest API (additional charges apply)

    • Individual Webservice (additional charges apply)

  • What is my e-mail address for receiving invoices?
    You define your e-mail address for receiving invoices under the menu item „Settings > E-mail Settings”. The domain of the e-mail address always ends in @xmail.crossinx.com.

  • Which suppliers can send me invoices?
    Suppliers must be registered in the system in order to send invoices to the x collector. At least one e-mail address must be added in the "whitelist". This can be done in several ways:

    • When creating a supplier, an e-mail address is specified in the contact details. This is then automatically placed on the "whitelist" and the supplier can send invoices from this address.

    • If no e-mail address is specified when creating a supplier record, the supplier can only be registered if a contact with an e-mail address is specified.

    • There is also the possibility to activate a domain for a company with multiple employees allowed to send invoices. In this case, a „*” must be placed in front of the @ sign (*@crossinx.com).

  • How can I design the texts of my rejection e-mails?
    Rejection e-mails can be designed under the menu „Settings > Reject Template”. The error texts for the rejection of incorrect invoices to the suppliers must be defined under the menu „Settings > Reject Texts”.

8. Archive

  • Who can access the archive?
    All users with access to the x collector portal can download the documents themselves and archive them locally.

  • How long will my documents be archived?
    Invoices must be stored in their original form for 10 years (extension to 11 years possible). crossinx offers the following document archiving options:

    • Short-term archiving - 3 months (included)

    • Medium-term archiving - 1 year (additional charges apply)

    • Long-term archiving - 11 years (additional charges apply)

      Medium-term and long-term archiving can be purchased under „Settings > My account > Add archive option“.

  • What happens when the archiving period expires?
    At the end of the archiving period agreed with crossinx, you will no longer have access to the files designated for archiving. You are responsible for downloading your invoices before the end of this period and for archiving all documents subject to retention in your own system.

  • When are my documents moved to the archive?
    All invoices are initially visible for 3 months in the „Documents” and „Workflow” menus. Only users with admin rights have access to them. After 3 months, the documents are moved to the archive.

9. Workflow Configuration

  • What are the workflow configuration options?
    x collector offers 2 workflow configuration options:

    • Clearing Only: Content can be amended before it is transferred to your system. Documents can be forwarded to other processors within the clearing group.

    • Multi-stage clearing (one, two and three clearing levels)

    Please note that once a selection has been made, it is no longer possible to change it.

  • What are the workflow entry conditions for?
    Define which documents you would like to have in the workflow. „All” or only documents that lack certain information. Multiple selection is possible.

  • What reject options are there?
    With activated rejection, the workflow user is able to reject an invoice manually.

    • By default, incomplete documents are automatically returned to the sender by e-mail.

    • Incomplete documents that have been processed via the capture module are always forwarded to the „Clearing Only” group. This cannot be changed.

  • Where can I customize the workflow notifications?
    Under the menu „Settings > Workflow Configuration > Edit notifications”, you can specify the e-mail text to be used for notifications, after a document has been assigned to an editor.

  • Can invoices with different currencies be processed in the workflow?
    Under the menu „Settings > Workflow Configuration > Limit currency”, you can define which currencies are accepted for further processing. If you restrict the accepted currencies, all invoices with other currencies will be provided with an error code and displayed in the document processing.

  • Can mandatory fields be defined?
    Under the menu „Settings > Workflow Configuration > Mandatory fields” you decide which mandatory fields are required in your further process. You can select any number of fields from the list and set them as mandatory. Without the presence of this information, a document cannot be sent to the following system for approval.

  • What is the difference between the different workflow user rights?

    • An Administrator sees all areas of the application and can change the organization settings.

    • A workflow admin is given the right to see all documents in the workflow and assign an already assigned document to another user. This is a useful function, for example, during user absence. An administrator has this role assigned automatically.

    • A workflow user can only access the workflow and see documents that have been assigned to him.

  • What are workflow user groups?
    Workflow user groups must be defined for the workflow configuration options „Clearing Only” and „Multi-stage clearing”. The workflow user groups determine which users are to be assigned to the different workflow stages. They can then be selected as editors. By selecting the „Banknote”, a release limit can be assigned to the group.

  • Can I return an invoice to a supplier?
    A document can be returned to a supplier if required information is not included. By selecting the „Back to sender” button, a form opens up allowing you to add the reasons for rejection and a comment. The reasons for rejection may be preselected and correspond to those at the beginning of the workflow start page. The reasons can be freely selected. If the supplier has created a contact on his end containing the property „ACK Receiver” and an e-mail address, the rejection can be sent by e-mail. If this is not the case, a letter will be generated and handed over to the print service provider. This service is subject to a charge.

  • When are invoices transferred to the recipient accounting system?
    After the final release, the agreed transfer record is created for the recipient accounting system and sent through the agreed transmission channel.

  • How can I remind other workflow users of unprocessed invoices?
    Overdue invoices or invoices due in the next 9 calendar days will be marked with a red envelope under the „Due In/Since” column. This symbol is displayed only to workflow users who are not assigned to process this invoice. If you would like to send a reminder of invoice processing to the assigned user, you must activate the envelope symbol with a mouse click. The reminder text can be freely composed.

  • Can completed workflow operations and processing histories be checked?
    A workflow admin is given the right to review completed operations. If the completed process is opened, the processing history, the actions and the comments can be checked.

  • Is the discount read out?
    The discount is not extracted from PDF invoices, as there are many representations available. This can be entered manually in the workflow or set as a fixed value for a specific supplier. The interface to your target system decides what can be transferred from the workflow.

  • Can organizations be deleted if they are still sending invoices to an x collector?
    Master data will only be disabled even if the option „Delete organization” is listed in the x collector portal. An invoice in the workflow can no longer be referred to a disabled organization as disabled organizations are no longer visible.

10. E-Procurement (Order Management & Connection Wizard)

  • How do I submit my orders to crossinx?
    The transfer to the crossinx system is set up and coordinated individually for each customer.

  • Are orders and order confirmations automatically matched?
    Purchase orders sent to suppliers must be loaded into the x collector in parallel. If they do not exist yet in the system, the suppliers are automatically created in the system via the purchase order and the unique supplier number. The order confirmations are automatically assigned to the existing purchase orders when they are received into the system by assigning items based on various fields (ex. article number or order item). If the matching order was not found or individual items could not be assigned to an order confirmation, the order confirmation is displayed in the order assignment.

  • Do I have to match orders and order confirmations myself?
    If an order confirmation is displayed in the order assignment, the user can manually assign the items. The status of the position shows which positions have been assigned and which have not. For items with status „Item assignment failed” a manual assignment can be done.

  • How do I know which order confirmations have not been automatically matched?
    By default, the list of order confirmations only shows the order confirmations for which the item assignment is incomplete. If all items have been assigned, this order confirmation is no longer displayed and the next order confirmation can be selected and edited. The status filter can also be used to display documents that have already been processed.

  • How can I match orders and order confirmations myself?
    The workflow menu takes you to order management. All orders that show deviations in the Quantity, Unit Price, or Delivery Date fields are displayed here. By selecting an order, the detailed view opens and the processing and checking of the discrepancies can be carried out.

    • To process the order, it must first be put into „Set Work in Progress”.

    • The deviating values are displayed in red and can now either be accepted or ignored.

    • Export and Finish completes the order. It cannot be edited again.

  • Which document types can be mapped with the Connection Wizard?
    Connection Wizard allows you to mark invoices, orders, order confirmations and in future also delivery notes. The use is intended exclusively for the live system.

  • How does Connection Wizard work?
    The Connection Wizard function allows you to mark information (markup process) in PDF supplier documents. At least 3 documents must be uploaded per supplier. German umlaut letters are not allowed in the PDF document name and interim saving is not yet possible. As soon as the markup process is fully executed, a PDF mapping template is created for this supplier. Further documents are read out on the basis of this mapping. Please note that Connection Wizard only works with a 100% display scaling.


Do you still have open questions or do you need our support? Then write to us by e-mail at support.ch@unifiedpost.com or via our contact form, we will be happy to help you!

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